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Lina Cagossi

Executive Communication Coach

Lina Cagossi brings two decades of experience in journalism, broadcast media, and financial consulting to The Communication Center.

Lina worked as a financial journalist, anchor, and reporter for Bloomberg Television and Sky Italia, first in London and then New York. Lina was a correspondent from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, reporting also on the economy and politics, and anchored a daily show from Bloomberg NY studio on the stock market.

Before moving to the United States, Lina was the anchor of the morning show for Bloomberg Italy in London, during which she covered the closing of the Asian and the opening of the European stock market. Throughout her career, Lina interviewed CEOs of international companies, economists, heads of state, and prominent politicians.

Before joining The Communication Center, Lina was an executive communication trainer for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, where she held media and corporate training.

Lina has also worked as a consultant for the Central Bank of Italy, researching and writing in-depth reports on the economy, finance, and politics.

Born and raised in Italy, Lina lives in Virginia with her husband and daughter.