5 Simple Storytelling Tips

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February 20, 2017

Storytelling is a simple way to help connect and engage with audiences, and it is proven that when audience members listen to a story the presentation is more effective. Even the most complex idea can become relatable and memorable through the use of stories, and these five tips will help you organize your thoughts.

Use the following simple storytelling tips to help prepare for spring conferences, board of directors meetings or press conferences. Remember to incorporate stories, as they will help you to influence and persuade.  To help construct that story, here are five tips from our expert coaches.

5 Simple Storytelling Tips:

Start with a story that makes your audience want to hear more.

Transport people to a new understanding of you, a goal or the future of your organization.

Organize yous thoughts to involve your listeners by appealing to their imagination.

Relate details by using all the sense — how something looks, sounds or feels to you.

Yes, a story creates a connection through emotion and expression.