3 Tips For Snapchat Newbies

Written by Golzar Meamar

October 14, 2016

A picture says a thousand words, but does a picture that you can look at for 10 seconds or less really do the same thing? According to 100 million daily Snapchat users everywhere, yes.

Snapchat launched in 2011 and was an instant hit for its disappearing photos. In an age of visual culture, and an age of “what goes on the internet stays on the internet,” Snapchat is the perfect fix. While the ghost logo is still socially relevant for youngsters, different businesses and organizations have begun using Snapchat as a platform for marketing, transparency, and information.

The White House uses Snapchat to cover important events taking place within its walls, giving its followers a new take on the work of the administration, as well as including facts and information on important issues.

Thinking of communicating with a Snapchat audience for business? Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Identify your business’s typical events and moments that are Snap-worthy.

Strategize your marketing end goal, and tailor your images and ideas to it. Brainstorm likely scenarios that your audiences will find interesting.  Snapchat often showcases videos or photos that are “behind the scenes.” This may include impromptu interviews and quick “tours.” This planning will help you recognize a “snap” moment when you see one.

2. What is the deal with the Snapchat Ghost icon?

A handy feature on Snapchat is scanning the ghost logo anywhere it shows up, and automatically adding a friend. For example, if you wanted to add The White House using the ghost icon, open the app on your phone, go to the camera, and scan the @whitehouse ghost logo. You will have added them on Snapchat. Another way to add friends is to tap the ghost icon at the top of your screen, tap “Add Friends” and type in the handle manually.

Develop followers, advertise your newest marketing platform to your usual audience and then some. Often times, all it takes is knowing a company of interest has a Snapchat, and then being aware of the handle.

3. Geofilters, stickers, tags – and puppy ears. Welcome to Snapchat.

Content can range from a funny picture of coworkers using your product, events in the office, or even Snapchat tutorials for using your product. You’ve got a 10 second limit per snap, so if you want to break your coverage into portions, you’ll have to be clear and concise. Simply take a picture or a video, tap your screen to add text, and then send.

An easy way to spice up your content is to use the tools in the upper right hand corner. You can illustrate with your fingers, add stickers, or change the size of your text. Furthermore, you can take advantage of swiping in either direction on your screen, adding a geofilter, which is typically an illustrated location tag, the time, or the temperature.


Does your business use or plan to use Snapchat? Let us know!