Executive Packages


Designed for the professional whose time is at a premium, the Executive Package is highly customized.  It is chosen most often by C-Suite executives who want to improve their communications skills, advance their careers, and inspire their organizations.

How it works

Our 10-, 20-, or 25-hour packages are divided into two-hour blocks over the course of a calendar year.  A detailed assessment of your professional development goals plus your communication strengths and challenges will be used to formulate an individualized strategic training plan.   Our coaches will use our unique building block approach to adult learning to expand your communication capabilities.


Depending on your needs, and your communication roles and responsibilities, your Executive Package may cover:

Formal podium speeches – with or without teleprompter

PowerPoint Presentations

Executive Presence


Message Development

Videotaping is an essential component of our coaching. You will see yourself as others do and our coaches will provide constructive feedback to improve your performance. After every session, we will send a video file of your latest practice recordings for you to review. Our studios are equipped with the latest technology to ensure you are prepared for real world scenarios.

There are many Executive Package options available. The Communication Center will create a training program that addresses your specific goals.



Communication Package (5 Hours)


Presidential Communication Package (20 Hours)


Executive Communication Package (10 Hours)

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