The Communication Center knows that your time is valuable. We also know that professional development helps strengthen your ability to propel your career. TCC has two online training programs designed for individuals who are looking for meaningful training that also balances the time commitment and professional development goals. TCC provides "Effective Public Speaking" and "Confident Communication for Women" via this online platform.

Our unique online platform allows you to stream video of TCC training modules, then upload your own practice recordings for feedback and critique direct from the coaches.

The course is self-paced with four 15 - 20 minute segments of TCC core presentation techniques. After completing each of the first three segments you will upload a video of yourself delivering a short presentation. Your trainer will evaluate the video within three business days and return it to you.


Managing speech anxiety
Analyzing audiences strategically
How to connect and engage with key audiences
Effective body language and voice tone
Storytelling and presentation structure
Handling Q&A


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One-On-One Coaching


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