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Do you want to communicate more effectively? Do you want to exude confidence and professional presence? Of course you do. We can help.

At The Communication Center we pride ourselves on providing the critical skills and relevant practice you need to feel more confident and comfortable when communicating.  From board room presentations to the media interview – our coaches prepare you to deliver your personal best.

Our customized courses are not bogged down by theory or industry jargon. Instead, you’ll gain practical techniques that can be immediately applied to your challenges.  What do you say when you don’t know the answer? You’ll learn simple phrases. How can you maintain eye contact while still reading your notes? You’ll learn that skill. How do you write persuasively? We’ll show you the framework.

Want to know what it feels like to deliver a media interview in a television studio? Join us at our two-camera digital television studio. Our expert coaches and award winning journalists will play the role of reporter and put you through the paces.

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We are a woman-owned business driven by our desire to help you succeed.

We’ve worked in seven different countries and trained more than 20,000 professionals. We began as a media training firm and we’ve grown into a communication coaching industry leader. From message development, to communicating effectively in a virtual world, our courses provide transformational communication coaching.



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